Downtown’s best happy hours

Go hard at the bars, go easy on your wallet.

Safer to train local bars on recognizing sexual assault

Bystander intervention could make its way downtown, thanks to Safer’s Safe Bars program, which would be used to train bar managers, bartenders and bouncers.

Just one more drink: On-campus alcohol poisoning calls on the rise this year

According to University Police Department numbers, there were a total of 63 alcohol and drug related hospital calls made on campus last year. With the current academic year almost over, there have already been 58 calls.

“Sorry for partying” — something you might say to your body

Let’s take a minute to remember the middle of senior year in high school: You received your acceptance letter, shed tears of joy at the thought of living in the happiest city in America, and bought your Cal Poly sweatshirt…

Local businesses caught selling to minors

Six local businesses may face repercussions after selling alcohol to a minor involved in a San Luis Obispo Police Department decoy operation.