8 hospitalized for flu in SLO County, Health Center predicts disease still spreading

So far this year, the Health Center has seen approximately 100 cases. But like Cal Poly’s chief doctor predicts this is only the beginning.

H1N1 vaccines offered free in SLO area

Seven locations in the San Luis Obispo area will offer free H1N1 vaccines with no appointment necessary.

BLOG: H1N1 tips

We all know you should wash your hands, keep your hands off your face and take your vitamins but what else should we do to fight off H1N1?

H1N1 vaccines given back to the county

The Health Center about 4,000 of the 7,000 vaccines will be given back the county for redistribution to other places that have priority needs.

Medical advice after-hours via nurse hot line

The Cal Poly Health Center started a new free after-hours nurse hotline in response to H1N1. It will give students an alternative for health services when the health center is closed.

H1N1 vaccine coming to Cal Poly

Ever since the first H1N1 cases in San Luis Obispo County were confirmed April 30, 2009 the question on everyone’s mind is where are the vaccines.

H1N1 spike at Cal Poly weeks before vaccine released

More than 100 patients were seen at the Health Center with flu-like symptoms on Monday. Students with symptoms were encouraged to skip class.

BLOG: Swine flu vaccine produces no harmful side effects

Human testing of the swine flu vaccine has shown that there are no dangerous side effects, health officials announced yesterday.