To bone or not to bone

Julianne Roth is a journalism senior and Mustang Daily sex columnist.  Cal Poly is an aesthetically pleasing campus and I’m not talking about the foliage. The transition from winter to spring in San Luis Obispo is a magical time of…

Valentine’s Day — an early warning

You have 50 days until Valentine’s Day. Why am I giving you so much notice? Well, you might need it. If you believe the media, you probably should have started planning months ago.

Zombie in the sheets

I got a call the other day from my best friend of seven years informing me that her long-time boyfriend had just broken up with her. If you have ever been in this position, then you know the fight-or-flight feeling that goes straight through your body.

Decoding stage between happy couple and break-up

It is sort of amazing how someone could want a relationship and claim they love a person, but then decide they need to go on a break for a period of time just to test the relationship.

Does your dating résumé make the cut?

Is it really just the one-night-stand goal that college-aged adults aim for or is it “The Notebook”-esque romance that we are really looking for when we agree to go on that blind date?

Surviving long distance limbo

Almost every college student has a long distance relationship of one kind or another. And by relationship I mean of any kind — familial, best friend or just one of those people who call you at peak hours of the night.