CSU plans for worst-case scenario

California State University (CSU) trustees discussed cost-reduction measures Tuesday but discounted the possible closure or chartering of one or more of its campuses. CSU system officers presented ideas to offset the ailing university budget at the Board of Trustees meeting…

Students to travel 10,000 miles to start “Recolution”

With tuition costs climbing steadily and state funding for public higher education being slashed, students are paying more every year to complete their degrees. A new group, the Cal Poly Recolution of Education Club, hopes to raise $30,000 to travel…

History repeats itself as fee proposal comes to students

  Less than three years after voting to increase College Based Fees, Cal Poly students will once again be asked to advise the university president on a school-wide tuition increase come Wednesday. The Student Success Fee brings up uncanny similarities…

Sliding to Student Success

A slideshow highlighting the 01/23/2012 Student Success Fee Forum.

Demystifying the money: Tuition

[box]Demystifying the Money is a new Mustang Daily series that will break down Cal Poly student tuition and fees.[/box] California State University (CSU) tuition has more than doubled since 2007, and for the first time in history, CSU students are…

Brown pulls trigger, more budget cuts

California Gov. Jerry Brown released his yearly budget proposal last Thursday, introducing the possibility of additional cuts to the California State University (CSU) system. The proposed cuts come less than a month after a December trigger cut slashed $100 million…

Budgeting with billion dollar cuts

Governor Jerry Brown presented the May Revision of the California budget May 16.

Armstrong on budgets: ‘Learn By Doing is nonnegotiable’

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong is rising to the challenges of funding constraints following Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011-2012 proposed state budget cut of an estimated 21 percent of university state funding last month, Armstrong said it is up to him to…

The aid is near: deadline for FAFSA applications approaching

The last day for students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is looming, and with it, their last chance to apply for government-funded financial aid for the upcoming school year.

Complacency not the answer to budget cuts

Leticia Rodriguez is a journalism senior and Mustang Daily editor-in-chief.

CSU terminology change turns ‘student fees’ into ‘tuition’

The California State University (CSU) student university fees will now be referred to as tuition after the California State University Board of Trustees approved the change in terminology last week.