“Look at those meatheads over there,” said the female athletes in the locker room pointing at brothers and student athletes Aaron and Evan Steed. “Thank you,” said the Steed brothers.

In 1997, two brothers who attended San Luis Obispo High School needed a little extra cash to save up for their day-to-day needs. Aaron and Evan, a wrestler and a football player, were looking for a flexible job that would fit around their school and athletic schedules. One day, their friend’s parents were moving out of their home and needed some additional hands on deck. Aaron and Evan were first in line. They offered to lift their heaviest items and transport them for a small fee of $20 and a pizza. 

Eventually, word got around that these brothers were not only eager to help, but they were also strong, honest and reliable. They told their friends to tell their parents that they were available to assist with any type of move. Aaron and Evan’s phones started to blow up with business. Once their reputation was established as reliable and brawny movers, they were able to save enough money to purchase their own truck. Where are they now, you ask? Meathead Movers: the toughest, grittiest and smartest student athletes in San Luis Obispo have come together to accomplish one goal: take care of your heavy lifting needs and move you safely into your new home. 

Also known as California’s largest independent moving company, Meathead Movers is gearing up for their busiest season of the year. This summer several students are coming back to SLO after not living here for up to a full year! First-year students are looking to move out of the dorms into their new residences on and off-campus. Whatever your moving needs may be, Meathead Movers is the reliable solution. 

Working with students and for students, Meathead aims to support academics and athletics by offering part-time job opportunities. They are not looking for career movers, but rather individuals who are looking for a stepping-stone job to help them accomplish their long-term aspirations. Meathead recently increased their pay for student-athlete movers to starting at $17 an hour. Preparing these students for their future careers is the priority. Driving commercial trucks, executing contracts, learning best practices for physical fitness and nutrition, and creating resumes are just a few benefits that Meathead offers. What’s more? Aaron Steed will personally call the hiring managers of his employees who go on to interview in their dream careers.

Aaron and Evan understand what it is like to be full-time students and they want to offer as much support as they can. Throughout this booming season, they are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that everyone is healthy and safe. They require that their employees wear masks and sanitize all high touched areas in the trucks and warehouses. There are “in and out of the warehouse” hand washing protocols, and they have separated their employees into “moving teams” to minimize exposure to other employees and trucks. There are also health questionnaires for employees to fill out every time they come into work.

Visit MeatheadMovers.com to schedule your next move or join the team of intelligent and resilient individuals!

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