Most venues will offer preset meals where students can use meal credits. | Mustang News File

Over the summer, Cal Poly Corporation, Campus Dining Director Spyros Gravas and incoming executive chef Ken Kline worked collaboratively to rebrand and reboot dining options across campus.

According to Cal Poly Corporation communications specialist Aaron Lambert, the changes were initiated after receiving survey feedback from about 3,800 students.

Sandwich Factory — commonly known by the nickname SandFac— Zen Bowl and Pico’s are just a handful of former Cal Poly dining venues that now rest in peace alongside Vista Grande Café. Poly Deli, Student Choice and Tu Taco replaced the restaurants, respectively.

“Campus Dining came up with the names and they were reviewed by students over the summer,” Lambert said in an
emailed statement.

19 Metro Station was renamed 805 Kitchen, but continues to feature “eclectic cuisines” in a buffet-style eatery. In addition to revamping  the menu, the interior underwent renovation in order to “accommodate the expanded freshman class and the campus community with increased variety and service capacity,” Gravas said.

On-tap, Whalebird Kombucha and Sambazon acai bowls continue to be served at what is now called 805 Cafe, located in the atrium of 805 Kitchen.

Shake Smart is the latest addition to campus dining’s healthy alternatives, featuring a superfood-centered menu offering organic acai bowls and made-to-order protein shakes.

Poly Canyon Village (PCV) boasts a new diner, Canyon Café, offering an array of American options for residents living in PCV or those up for trekking to get a plate of fresh onion rings.

“[The improvements] have good intentions and it is a work in progress,” liberal studies sophomore Emily Mapa said. “I am excited to see what the new venues will bring to our campus.”

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