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San Luis Obispo now has 102 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Tuesday, April 7 – up 3 cases from yesterday, according to County Public Health.

Of the total cases, 25 patients are at home in isolation, 73 patients have recovered and three are in intensive care. One death has occurred due to coronavirus.

With 73 recovered patients, there are 29 active cases of coronavirus in the county.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in SLO County

County Public Health has now conducted 570 tests in which 43 have tested positive. Private laboratories have detected 59 cases, but the number of tests conducted is unknown, according to County Public Health.

The highest increase of confirmed cases in one day remains at nine.

There are four cases of coronavirus in those zero to 17-years-old, 40 in ages 18 to 49-years-old, 28 in 50 to 64-years-old and 30 in those 65 and older.

Coronavirus cases by city

Nine of these cases are from Central SLO, 57 are from North County, 25 are from South County, and 11 live on the coast.

As of today, County Public Health has started a “soft-opening” of the Recreation Center for the alternative care site, according to Wade Horton, Emergency Services Director. It is equipped with 165 beds and holds the capability of housing 900 patients if needed.

“This site is something our entire community can be proud of,” said Horton.

County Public Health also emphasized their initiative in local economic relief. They will have a partnership with Reach, a coalition of public, private and civil leaders from SLO and Santa Barbara Counties working to create a stronger regional economy, according to Horton.

“We will work collectively to meet emerging needs of the community,” said Melissa James, CEO of Reach. “We offer economic relief and stimulus opportunities, cash aid, opportunities for employment, guidelines for businesses, local job opportunities, specific resources for non-profit organizations and much more.” 

Penny Borenstein, SLO County Health Officer, announced that Santa Barbara Public Health Department announced in a press conference on Tuesday their projections may leave their shelter-in-place order until November 2020.

San Luis Obispo models by County Public Health, though not released to the public, estimate a peak in cases by late May or early June, according to Borenstein.

“We are seeing a flattening of the curve and continue to look at May as the peak,” said Borenstein.

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