“When’s Valentine’s Day again?” my friend asked.
“It’s today,” I said disparagingly.
Well, at least I’m not the only one who’s going to be spending the day without a significant other.

The romantic ambiance that sets Valentine’s Day apart from any other day of the year is pure blasphemy! There, I said it – precisely what every single person out there is thinking. Whether it’s jealousy, loneliness or a disastrous V-Day from days past, today looms as the most awkward day on the calendar for a bachelor.

Now, I’m not one of the types that constantly plays the day off as pointless or a commercial holiday. I mean let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is great if you have a significant other to enjoy it with.
With that said, Valentine’s Day is obviously a celebration of discrimination – whoever established the holiday clearly had an agenda against the masses of people without a reason to celebrate the day. OK, so that conspiracy theory doesn’t quite cut it. As uncomfortable and demoralizing as V-Day might be, it’s definitely a time for us single folk to band together and party it up (couples
excluded, there’s no need to let their good fortune get in the way of our version of  Valentine’s Day).

In case you’re stumped on what to do today, here’s an outline of what’s on my to-do list:

1. Wake up at dawn to watch the sunrise while sitting on a blanket at Bishop’s Peak, snuggling with a stuffed bear holding a heart – all alone, mind you.
2. Get home and cook a huge breakfast. I’m talking French toast, eggs, bacon, fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice. Nothing says, “I love myself,” better than a hearty breakfast. Eventually I have to go to class, so I’ll put that here as No. 3.
4. Time for a midday snack. How about I open that heart-shaped box of candy I bought for, well, I guess myself. And you can’t forget those little conversation candied hearts, classic V-Day cuisine. Trust me, it all tastes the same whether a beautiful girl gives it to you or not.

When I get home in the late afternoon, my roommates will leave one-by-one to spend their romantic evenings with their girlfriends. In the meantime, I’ll whip out a red tablecloth, the nice plates and flatware and prepare my very own candlelit dinner. Maybe I’ll even toss in the classic romantic movie “Lady and the Tramp” and watch the infamous spaghetti scene. That’s to-do No. 5.

Finally, after a long and arduous day, I’ll cry myself to sleep: No. 6. But, truthfully, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day and I really am happy for those in relationships. Just remember to keep us poor single souls in your thoughts on this most romantic of days – and try not to rub it in too much.

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