Mustang Minute: Santa sets up shop in Mission Plaza

Mustang News reporter Briana Whitney visits Santa in Mission Plaza.

Mustang Minute: Cats in Kennedy

Cats and Cal Poly students got a little extra love in the library on Thursday. Christina Favuzzi sees how the cats help students relax before finals.

On the rise: Cal Poly standards, students climbing

Cal Poly was once a small agriculture and technical school. In 1992, only 7744 prospective students applied to the university. Today, more than 40,000 students are fighting for an acceptance letter.

Take it SLO fine tunes for a new year

Chatter about Thanksgiving break bounced around the room as the members of Take it SLO gathered in the music building for one of the last rehearsals before winter break. Questions about holiday feasts, family and finals echoed through the choir room.

Saying goodbye to Movember

Marvel at a few good mustaches before the month ends.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part III

Post-turkey festivities, Cal Poly administration, faculty and staff are still thankful for national parks and peace.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part II

Cal Poly administration, faculty and staff are thankful for free speech and beaches this year.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part I

Cal Poly staff, faculty and administrators discuss what they are thankful for globally, nationally, locally and personally.

Cal Poly Loggers chop to the top

Denzel Quarterman [follow id= “Denzel_Q”] The Cal Poly Loggers club is a group of students…

A double rescue: Pulling away from panic

Animal science sophomore Nora Williams was surprised when the dog she rescued was able to help her more than medicine could.

String of theft targets students’ electronics

Denzel Quarterman [follow id= “Denzel_Q”] A string of property theft has made its way through…