Congressmen gone wild

What is going on with congressional Republicans nowadays? In less than one year’s time four highly esteemed Republicans have had to resign because of evidence of serious misconduct.

From the power grabs of Tom DeLay (R), to the greediness of Duke Cunningham (R) and Bob Ney (R), to the now widely publicized sexual advances of Mark Foley (R) towards teenagers, the Republicans appear to be doing their best to live up to the “Culture of Corruption” label.

You can't hug your children with nuclear arms

North Korea announced late Sunday night that it had completed its first successful test of a nuclear weapon. Combined with their July 5th test of long-range offensive missiles, they have just become the world’s newest nuclear threat.

How did it come to this? How could we have let this happen? Sadly, this is the result of a policy of sanctions, concessions and appeasement.

Great universities only as good as their teachers

We at Cal Poly know what an amazing institution this is. Relatively small class sizes, state-of-the-art equipment, great professors, and an amazing sports program (Go Mustangs!) all combine to make this a world-class university.

Recently, the outside world has begun to take notice of our greatness.

Football fan conduct unsportsmanlike

As I left mustang stadium on Saturday night, I felt a little ashamed to call myself a Mustang. Throughout the entire game, I heard the guy in front of me yelling “rip his f—ing head off” and others yelling “Davis you suck, go home Davis!”

I ask myself, is this what we want others to think of when they hear Cal Poly football? Sitting around me were kids as young as 6 and parents as old as 75, and throughout the entire game they were subject to the unsportsmanlike conduct of numerous college kids.

Classes and dating a balancing act

Welcome back, everyone.

It’s fall – autumn, if you want to sound fancy. School’s back in swing, for better or for worse. For the freshman wandering about the north end of campus, congrats on getting in to this lovely institution we call Cal Poly; you’ll get used to it.

Meet the neighbors

Whether you’re a Cal Poly alumnus and have lived in San Luis Obispo for 35 years or you’re a freshman and have lived in the dorms for three weeks, the city of San Luis Obispo is your home.

Working with the city and neighborhood associations, we’ve come up with a way to allow students and long-term residents alike to spend time together without much of the anticipated awkwardness.

Reading between the lines at El Corral

It is nearly impossible to begin a quarter at Cal Poly without the inevitable and horrible trip to El Corral. From long lines to high prices; you are guaranteed a stressful shopping trip. However, even worse than the lines and prices is El Corral’s Buyback Program.

The Green Spot

Have you ever wondered how students on campus have been contributing to the sustainability movement? Have you ever wanted to know more about this seemingly ambiguous word? If so, this column may be of interest to you. It is the first of many bi-weekly columns by members of the Empower Poly Coalition of student sustainability clubs that will raise awareness of the interconnected issues within the green movement.

Tips for a ridiculously successful letter to the editor

Welcome back to another year Letters to the Editor! Here, even the lowliest freshman’s opinion can be heard among students who enjoy crossword puzzles and Sudoku. For those unfamiliar to this section, the following tips will guarantee your journalistic endeavors are as effective and provocative as possible:


Officials fumble with turnout at football game

Cal Poly football is big this season. Ranked No. 5 in Division I-AA, the Mustangs have a 5-1 record and students are eager to show their school spirit.

Saturday night marked the 28th annual Horseshoe Classic rivalry game between UC Davis and Cal Poly. An abundance of students in green shirts and painted faces anxiously waited – in line that is.

New SLO Transit contract doesn't solve problems

Did you read the article on Thursday about city buses? Cal poly set up another five-year contract for over a million dollars which will allow us to ride for free. I was disappointed the article didn’t mention the inadequacies of the bus system. Here’s my dilemma.